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Football and Baseball Fans Stay Updated with Yahoo’s Sportacular iPad App

by Sep 21, 2010

Football and Baseball fans brace yourself for one of the greatest iPad apps in the App Store, Sportacular. Have you ever wanted to check the score for ongoing games while watching another game? Sure, you can switch channels to find out what is going on in another game, but do you really want to miss…Continue Reading

Forget Gmail Envy, Yahoo! Email Rocks on the iPad

Aug 23, 2010 No Comments

If you use Yahoo! to manage your email through your iPad you no longer need to have Gmail envy. The update to the mobile mail site for Yahoo! sports a new look, features, and an overall awesome experience on the iPad. All of these features and updates were made possible though the conversion of Yahoo’s…Continue Reading

iPad Carbon Fiber Case Review

Jul 01, 2010 5 Comments

Are you looking for a way to protect your $500+ iPad purchase? The iPad Carbon Fiber Case from might be the solution for you. The slim back protector ensures that your iPad’s back panel is protected from scratches and potential damage from drops. The lips that cover the edge of the iPad act as…Continue Reading

Use iPad Magic for Full Control of Your iPad’s Content

Jun 28, 2010 No Comments

If you are looking for a way to transfer files, movies, music, and other content from your computer to your iPad and vice versa then you’ve got to try iPad Magic from Xilisoft. Once installed iPad Magic will become your new iTunes alternative. You will be able to bring your music CD’s and movies to…Continue Reading

Keep Tabs on the Government with MyCongress for the iPad and iPhone

Jun 15, 2010 1 Comment

If you are looking to be more vocal with the federal government, specifically Congress then you are going to love MyCongress for the iPad. Once installed, MyCongress will put all of the Representatives and Senators of the United States at your fingertips. Use the screenshot tour below to become familiar with the application or head…Continue Reading

5 Tips for iPad Safari Users

Apr 07, 2010 8 Comments

Although Apple brought Safari to the iPad, Safari users may find themselves a bit lost while using Safari for the iPad. For those of you who are familiar with Safari on the iPhone, you will find that there are several changes which make Safari or the iPad more user friendly and take advantage of the…Continue Reading

Feature: 3 Apps to Read PDF’s on Your iPad

Apr 07, 2010 15 Comments

Do you have a ton of PDF’s you thought you would be able to view on your iPad out of the box? I know I did and so does the reader that emailed me this morning with this dilemma. She received her iPad and can’t find a way to load PDF’s to her iPad. The…Continue Reading

5 iPad Apps to Use in Photo Frame Mode

Apr 06, 2010 20 Comments

Want to impress family and friends? Or you simply want to feel cool with a $500 weather display? Then read on…one of the most useful iPad accessories that I have gotten my hands on is the Apple iPad Case (pictured below). Not because it looks cool or because it protects my iPad from scratches…no, that’s…Continue Reading