Chrome Hits 10% Market Share, Internet Explorer 8 Still Dominates

Net Applications just released their January browser wars information which indicates that Internet Explorer 8 remains the dominant browser with 34.79% market share growing at 1.18%. Chrome

What does all this mean? There’s healthy competition and despite Google’s efforts to supplant Internet Explorer, recent investments by Microsoft for Internet Explorer in improving speed, the experience, and compliance with standards is paying off.

Microsoft’s success in the browser war is dependent on IE9 offering similar syncing services across devices like those found on the Chrome and Android platforms as well as ensuring that the browsing experience remains the equivalent or better when compared to other browsers when using web applications like Hotmail, Gmail, and others.

Check out this conversation over market share between Roger Capriotti and Scott Armstrong from Microsoft.

Have you given IE9 a spin? Check it out here.

Via Microsoft Blog.

  • Well with the latest IE issue and the complete lack of concern by Microsoft to do anything about it I would imagine these stats will change quickly….

    As an aside…IE9….the buggiest, most unreliable browser ever! I have given up with it for the last time and now gone to using Chrome for most of my surfing with Firefox as my backup

    • Well…you should give IE9 some slack, it is still in Beta so bugs and
      issues are to be expected. In my case the new features outweigh the
      occasional crash which I’m used to especially if you’re running Beta
      versions of other applications like Chrome and Firefox.

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