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Developers Rejoice, Omnibox API Now Available


Using the address bar in many browsers in the past only included simply URL queries, but with browsers becoming more advanced, so are their address bars. Firefox started it all by allowing you to search directly from the address bar, even from sites you’ve visited in the past; then came Google Chrome, who shook up the browser market. While still featuring many of the older browsers features it brought in some new useful features and that is still changing even today.

With updates from Google quite often, it’s not too often that we seen an update for the address bar, but on Tuesday Google changed that.  More Google Chrome extensions should be coming our way soon with the new release of the omnibox API. The omnibox, better known as the address bar, API will now allow developers to create their own keywords for the omnibox. New keywords will allow for more useful features to be used inside of the omnibox. Developers will be able to use the keywords to predict what the user is trying to do for their own extensions.

Useful extensions, like allowing you to search and switch between tabs right from the omnibox, are just an example of what we have yet to see.

Originally posted Feb 24, 2011

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