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Chat with Facebook Friends While Checking Hotmail Messages


A few weeks ago Microsoft announced that they had integrated Facebook right into Hotmail, but had it only available in limited areas. On Monday, they announced that Facebook was now globally available directly inside of Hotmail. The global integration of Facebook inside of Hotmail comes a few weeks after Facebook was available globally inside of Messenger.

Microsoft is trying to one-up Google with this new integration, since they beat them to chat inside of an email client (gChat inside of Gmail). They are trying to one-up them by providing not only a chat client inside of an email client, but the added availability of Facebook chat as well.

Already 20 million people have attached their Facebook accounts to their Windows Live accounts. This includes the 2.5 million people that have connected since Facebook chat became available inside of Messenger. Microsoft predicts this number to have a high increase with the new worldwide integration of Facebook chat inside of both Hotmail and Messenger.

To get Facebook chat integrated with Hotmail and Messenger you must first connect your Facebook account and then check the box for “Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger”. If it doesn’t allow you to chat right away, then you should probably trying logging out and signing back in again.

Originally posted Feb 22, 2011

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  • Oh, When did this happen? Is this for real? Damn, this is really convenient. Actually, I just access my Facebook account because of friend chat. Now, I won’t need to go to facebook to chat with my friends. Thanks for the news!