How to Create Custom Fields in Word

Using Custom Fields in Word

Whenever I write school papers or other written work that specifies a set number of words as a requirement, I use the Quick Parts Field option to add a counter to the top of the document that keeps track of the words typed. This is a supplement to the word counter located at the bottom left portion of the Word 2007 application. Those who do not have Word 2007 will find this to be a useful tool. Aside from providing a word counter, the Field option allows for page count, auto numbering, database fields access, and many other customizable fields. The guide below will walk you through the simple process of inserting a word count field in a Word document. Hopefully this will help you become familiarized with this useful tool. If have any interesting implementations of the Quick Parts Field option please share them by commenting below.

Note: I used Windows Vista and Word 2007 for this article

Using Custom Fields in Word

1. With Microsoft Word open, click on the Insert tab and click on Quick Parts > Field…

Using Custom Fields in Word

2. Scroll down field list and select DocProperty, then click on Words listed under Field properties, click OK.

Using Custom Fields in Word

3. A number with a gray background will appear, right-click on the number and select Update Field from the menu to update the word count in your document.

Note: If you already have text, then the field’s count should match the number of words in your document.

Using Custom Fields in Word

I highlighted the Field displaying word count above for emphasis, normally the background unless selected will match the document’s background color.. To update the count again repeat step #3.

  • Was it possible with some programming or was it built-in? Kinda sucks if they removed something as useful as that. Thanks for the feedback.

    • Jeremy

      It is possible by going to the office orb button, then “prepare” and document properties – this brings up another bar with doc properties – click ‘Advanced’ and then you can add custom document properties – I added Client, Project Name, Total Budget and stuff like that for my proposal template – then you can add them to your document (and update) just as you would as listed above.

    • Jeremy,

      You are right, but that’s more of a document properties item. The focus of this guide is for document property fields within the document. Thanks for the tip though.

  • Bullshit

    It used to be possible in 2003. So what M$ decided to piss us of even more by deleting actually useful stuf.

  • Nick

    Hi Kousik Sankar,

    Its a pain but it is possible…

    1) Office Button –> Prepare–>Properties

    2) From the ‘Document Properties’ drop down hit ‘Advanced Properties’.

    3) Navigate the ‘Custom’ pane (property page).

    4) Add a new prop called ‘Version’ and give it the appropriate value.

    5) Hit Ok

    6) Hit the Insert toolbar–>Quick Parts–>Field

    7) Select the field name ‘Doc Property’

    8) Select your newly created field ‘Version’


  • mark

    I could’t t found quick parts – create filed in word 2010 started edition

  • Kousik Sankar

    Hi Gil,
    I want to create a ‘Version’ field and I want it to work as follows:- I write a version number (say 1.0) in a particular location in the document and I need the same version to be reflected in 20 different locations in the document. So, if the version number changes in the future to 2.0, then all I need to do is change that one location and automatically , the 20 other locations change to 2.0. Is this possible in Word 2007 and if yes, how can I do it ? Thanks, Kousik.

  • KingVerdejo,

    I would defer you to the Office Forums – I don’t know of a way to accomplish what you are looking for. Hope the resource helps.

  • KingVerdejo


    I am looking at doing something very specific with document properties. I have a Document Property called “Document Status” which has the following states: Archived | Published | Draft.

    Putting the Document Property into a text box, then into the header gives me a very good watermark (after formatting) which updates automatically.

    Problem is, if the Document Property is Published, then this does not need to show, only Draft and Archived.

    Any ideas? I know I can use IF statements for fields but not Doc properties?