Stay On Top of Events with Color Coding in Google Calendar


If you use Google Calendar a lot, you’ll probably have a pretty full calendar. That calendar can become hard to read or even comprehend if you’re in a hurry. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way where you could quickly distinguish what you have to do and when? Now you can with the simple new update to Google Calendar, the ability to add colors to an event.

Adding colors to an event can not only help you distinguish what events are what, but makes your calendar look a whole lot neater, rather than having the same cluttered black and white calendar.  The new event coloring feature is very similar to the label coloring feature seen in Gmail. Just simply click on your event and click the colored square of your liking. You can choose from eight colors: Gray, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Orange, and Pink. Hopefully eight colors are enough to sort your calendar.

  • Calendarcck

    I have color coded my calendar and it looks great; however when I print the hard copy, the colors don’t show.  I usually keep a hard copy in my agenda for when i’m in meetings where I can’t access the internet.  

  • Paul Cacchione

    Have been using colors for several days now on my desktop and love it. However, the various event colors do not show up on my Droid X. Is this feature in the works? It would be quite helpful when you’re on the go

    • If you use Google Calendar you should see the color coding on your phone.


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  • Joy

    I was totally stoked earlier today when I stumbled on the new color coding and colored all my calendar events. Now, suddenly, it has disappeared as quickly as it came. What on earth is that all about?

  • I had the ability to set this up earlier today. As soon as I had everything color coded, it all disappeared and I no longer have the option of coding. Please sort this out soon. This is going to be a business altering change for the better, and now that I’ve tasted it… 

  • Jeremy Gerhard

     So this was posted on May 9 saying we’ll all have it in a day or so?  It’s now May 23 and it’s still not showing up in my calendar.  Come on guys, we’vr been wanting this for a long time.  Don’t tease us and say it’s here if it really isn’t.

    • Joy

      Guess what, Jeremy? I stumbled on it earlier today (as you might see by my other posting), colored my calendar, and then had the option and the coloring disappearing. I think that might be worse than the teasing. Now you see it, now you don’t………