How to Setup a MySQL Database with 1&1 Hosting

by May 07, 2011

In order to install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other dynamic content management system (CMS) you must first have a couple of things ready. First, you need a web host that will host your files on the web, second you will need a domain name ( and third you will need a MySQL database. This…Continue Reading

How to Connect to Your 1and1 FTP Account

Sep 08, 2010 4 Comments

Now that you’ve picked out a domain and hosting plan for your website the next thing you need to do is actually access the server. In order to access the server you will need to have your user name and password as well as a FTP program to connect to the server. In the guide…Continue Reading

How to Check the PHP Version in 1and1 Hosting

Nov 11, 2008 5 Comments

One of my readers pointed out the importance of PHP version numbers when running several modules in Drupal and enabling certain workarounds. I hope I clarified his concern, as a result of this exchange I realized that those of you who run a website on a hosted server with PHP might not know how to…Continue Reading