AT&T Imposes Data Caps on DSL and Uverse Customers – Will You Abandon Ship?

by Apr 05, 2011

AT&T is now going to start charging its DSL and higher end service, Uverse customers more fees for going over a certain data limit. These limitations aren’t as strict as some of the Canadian restrictions that have already been imposed, but are still a cap to an unlimited Internet service that will begin on May…Continue Reading

How to Enable the Favorites Bar in Internet Explorer 9

Apr 05, 2011 No Comments

If you are new to Internet Explorer 9, chances are that the new look and design probably shocked you because of the differences between this version and previous versions. If you are a fan of the bookmarks bar you will notice that this is one of the options that is disabled by default to conserve…Continue Reading

How to Delete Your Browsing History in Internet Explorer 9

Feb 25, 2011 2 Comments

Are you looking for a way to delete all of your browsing activities from your computer? In Internet Explorer users are provided with a ton of options to help you delete any evidence of your browsing activities. In this guide I will show you how to delete your browsing history, this includes, cookies, history list,…Continue Reading

How to Customize Favorites Bar Title Widths in Internet Explorer 9

Feb 25, 2011 No Comments

Is your Favorites bar in Internet Explorer overflowing with bookmarks? What’s the point of having the Favorite’s bar if all of the bookmarks get pushed to the end as bookmarks with long titles are added? I usually solve this issue by renaming my favorite bookmarks to a blank name so that only the icon appears,…Continue Reading

How to Access the Developer Tools in Internet Explorer 9

Feb 24, 2011 1 Comment

If you run any type of website or you develop sites then you will most likely need to access the developer tools in your browser. Internet Explorer is no exception. You can access the Developer Tools in Internet Explorer 9 by pressing the F12 key on your keyboard or by following the instructions below. Software/Hardware…Continue Reading

How to Show Tabs on a Separate Row in Internet Explorer 9

Feb 24, 2011 1 Comment

The new version of Internet Explorer sports a leaner interface which provides users with the greatest amount of web page real estate compared to other browsers. This is possible in part because by default Internet Explorer 9 bundles the One Box (address bar) and open tabs on the same row. This is great improvement over…Continue Reading

How to Change the Home Page in Internet Explorer 9

Feb 23, 2011 3 Comments

Is a there a website or group of websites you always visit when you open your browser? If so you may want to tell Internet Explorer which sites you visit the most so that you can set them up as your home page. Internet Explorer 9, like most modern browsers, allows users to set more…Continue Reading

How to Enable Private Browsing in Internet Explorer 9

Feb 23, 2011 2 Comments

Are you looking for a way to browse the web without leaving any trace of your whereabouts? If you’re new to Internet Explorer 9 and are looking for a way to browse the web anonymously you may want to learn how to use InPrivate browsing. InPrivate browsing is a special browsing mode in Internet Explorer…Continue Reading

Egyptians Getting Their Voice Back on the Internet

Feb 01, 2011 1 Comment

If you’ve been to any news source on the Internet or TV lately, I’m sure you’ve heard about the uprising in Egypt and how they’ve been cut off from the Internet. Google has also heard about the situation and has decided to make a move on it. Over the weekend Google, along with Twitter and…Continue Reading

Solutions: The security certificate has expired!

Dec 20, 2010 2 Comments

The other day I received a call from a family member who kept getting “The security certificate has expired!” message in Chrome while trying to watch a Netflix video. The first thing I asked them to do was to close the browser window and try accessing the page again. They saw the same error message….Continue Reading

What Is The Risk Of Relying Exclusively on Free Antivirus Software?

Dec 17, 2010 9 Comments

It is true that we have to be cautious with expenses, but getting a low-cost product at the expense of quality has a pay-back-time that will confront us later. I do try to find a balance between price and quality, quality being the priority. What about you? Do you do the same? OR perhaps you…Continue Reading

Will the Option for In-flight Wi-Fi Influence Your Next Ticket Purchase?

Oct 11, 2010 2 Comments

If you had the choice between a more expensive flight that included internet connectivity for the duration of the flight including overseas and a flight without internet access, which would you choose?

How to Enable and Lock YouTube Safety Mode

Sep 20, 2010 No Comments

As one of the world’s most popular video sharing website, YouTube hosts millions of videos that anyone with a computer and an internet connection can access. This of course provides content that ranges from how-to guides like these to a video of someone falling off a tree. Like any other website that relies on user-generated…Continue Reading