Outlook Hotmail Connector Updated

by May 17, 2011

Using a Hotmail account within Outlook is a much needed service for many users of the web.  There have been some problems in the past and now Microsoft is releasing a much needed update to the Outlook Hotmail Connector, which is now available. This mandatory update fixes a lot of bugs that have been a…Continue Reading

Boost Your Productivity with Social Media?

May 05, 2011 1 Comment

Can using social media really boost your productivity? A recent survey conducted by MarketTools Inc. seems to lead us to believe that this may be true. The survey was done using nearly 1300 students and professionals above age 18. 35% of people thought that using social media is an effective method of communication with colleagues,…Continue Reading

How to Customize Outlook 2010 Panes

Aug 24, 2010 2 Comments

Does the default font size and style used throughout Outlook’s program interface bug you because it’s too small or the font isn’t your favorite? Have you ever wanted to change the font size used for Outlook’s folders? If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to change how text looked in Outlook 2010, you’ve come to the…Continue Reading

Tip: Find Unsaved Contacts in Outlook 2010

Aug 16, 2010 1 Comment

How many times have you gone searching for the email address of someone you emailed months or weeks ago? If you happen to use Outlook 2010 to manage your emails you will be happy to find out that all of the email addresses you have ever used while composing messages are saved by Outlook. Better…Continue Reading

How to Save Attachments in Outlook 2010

Jul 22, 2010 8 Comments

Attachments come in many file types and sizes, luckily the act of saving them to your computer for later use is quite simple. Due to the number of messages that I have received regarding this task, I’ve decided to create a short guide that will walk users through the process of saving documents, images, and…Continue Reading

Feature: 3 Easy Steps To Declutter Your Inbox in Outlook 2010

Jun 17, 2010 9 Comments

Don’t you hate it when you open your inbox every morning and find that you still have the same hundred messages you had yesterday plus 30 more? Don’t worry you are not the only one. Microsoft has done a pretty good job of ensuring that we stay productive in the latest version of Outlook. In…Continue Reading

Change When Emails Are Considered Read in Outlook 2010

May 11, 2010 1 Comment

How many times have you set an email to “Read” status when clicking on the message by mistake? I know I have and it can be extremely annoying, specially if you were not ready to review the message that was marked as “Read”. To keep yourself from inadvertently setting messages to the “Read” status you…Continue Reading

How to Determine the Size of Your Outlook 2010 Mailbox

Apr 23, 2010 No Comments

If you use Outlook 2010 in a corporate environment, chances are that you email storage quota will be exceeded with just a couple days of unread emails. To help you stay out of your IT department’s black list, you can keep track of how much space your mailboxes are consuming. When you follow the instructions…Continue Reading

How-to Add Email Folders to Your Favorites in Outlook 2010

Apr 09, 2010 1 Comment

Do you have more than 20 different folders in Outlook that you use to keep your emails organized? If this is the case you most likely use a couple of these folders more often than others. Rather than scrolling up and down each time you wish to look for a folder or expanding folders (if…Continue Reading

How to Change the Color Scheme for Office 2010 Applications

Apr 09, 2010 1 Comment

If you really want to differentiate yourself from others who use the default color scheme in Office 2010 applications, then read on. Office 2010 (beta) ships with three color schemes to help customize the look of all Office 2010 applications. To change the color schemes on your Office 2010 installation, follow the instructions below. Note:…Continue Reading

How to Change the Default Email Format in Outlook 2010

Apr 09, 2010 2 Comments

How many times have you started writing a new email message in Outlook and tried to insert a link and couldn’t? Chances are that your default email format is Rich Text or Plain Text. In either case HTML code cannot be used when composing your message. If you wish to use HTML code in your…Continue Reading

How to Modify the Default Outlook 2010 Start Folder

Apr 09, 2010 4 Comments

If you use IMAP email accounts in Outlook you will soon find that all of your messages will be stored in a separate folder (see example below) and accessing the IMAP Inbox will require that you find and select the folder in order to view the emails within. This can be remedied by using the…Continue Reading

How to Quickly Add Contacts from Emails in Outlook 2010

Apr 09, 2010 9 Comments

How many times have you gone back and forth between an email message and your contact list to add a new contact? Fortunately there’s an easier way to add contacts from an email message. Outlook allows users to create new contacts from an open email message by right-clicking on the users name in the From:…Continue Reading