How to Effectively Use Social Media When Job Hunting

by May 17, 2011

Employers and recruiters are relying more and more on social media to find valuable employees. In a survey of 600 employers, conducted by in 2010, 73% of respondents stated they use social networks or social media to support their recruitment process. Also, an additional 9% stated they plan on using social networks in the…Continue Reading

Boost Your Productivity with Social Media?

May 05, 2011 1 Comment

Can using social media really boost your productivity? A recent survey conducted by MarketTools Inc. seems to lead us to believe that this may be true. The survey was done using nearly 1300 students and professionals above age 18. 35% of people thought that using social media is an effective method of communication with colleagues,…Continue Reading

Forget Foursquare or Facebook Check-ins Use Longitude Instead

Apr 15, 2011 2 Comments

Google upped its feature filled Google Latitude last month by opening up check-in offers for 60 places in Texas to test out their new check-in system to try and compete with both Foursquare and Facebook. They now have expanded their check-in offers for some of the most popular businesses all across the country. Businesses include…Continue Reading

Should Twitter Remove Trending Tweets Because of #RIP Black Folks?

Feb 17, 2011 3 Comments

Today I was surprised to see that one of Twitter’s Trending Tweets was #RIP Black Folks. At first I was a bit surprised that something as insensitive as this would be one of the trending tweets, but I decided to look into because it caught my attention. As I read the tweets there appeared to…Continue Reading

How to Access Facebook Securely

Feb 08, 2011 1 Comment

Did you know that your Facebook password and information can be “hacked” while using unsecured public networks. By hacked I mean, sniffed, someone with the right software and a laptop can sniff (copy) your password while it is being transmitted over Starbuck’s free Wi-Fi and other public networks. To prevent this companies like Google, Microsoft,…Continue Reading

15 Tools to Back Up Your Social Media Life

Jan 17, 2011 No Comments

Everything is uncertain, so we always have to have a plan B for a scenario where plan A doesn’t give the desired results. Backup is crucial. Real life or computer data or even social media needs backup regularly. Imagine a business situation when all Facebook content, tweets, blogs, promotional videos or contacts for marketing are…Continue Reading

Obsessed With Facebook? You Are Not the Only One

Jan 05, 2011 3 Comments

With a user base that exceeds that of the United States population by a million users, Facebook is a place with individuals from all walks of life, from politicians to the baby boomer next door, it seems that everyone is on the social network. The rise of Facebook will be chronicled in a one-hour special…Continue Reading

Social Media, Can it Actually Enhance Education?

Dec 16, 2010 4 Comments

Most people think of social media as something that hinders learning, and perhaps rightfully so. Students who spend hours every day on Facebook probably aren’t allocating enough time to homework. However, social media can be used to engage students in the learning process, and it can bring some pizzazz to the classroom. It’s increasingly becoming…Continue Reading

How to Download Your Facebook Information

Nov 17, 2010 1 Comment

Since its inception, Facebook has been the target of complaints from privacy groups and users regarding the lack of portability of the information users enter in Facebook. To address some of the concerns Facebook recently launched a feature which allows users to download all of their personal information including photos, Wall posts, and more to…Continue Reading

How to Request An Invite to Facebook’s New Messages System

Nov 15, 2010 1 Comment

On the heels of today’s announcement, Facebook is now allowing its users to request an invitation to the new messaging system that will be rolled out in the next couple of months. The new messaging system intends to bring text messages, chat, and email in one simple conversation. The new feature will also allow Facebook…Continue Reading

How to Disable Realtime Streaming in TweetDeck

Nov 05, 2010 No Comments

It’s bad enough that I get notifications throughout the day while using TweetDeck, but now I get them all the time with TweetDeck’s latest realtime Twitter streaming option (which is set to On by default). Sure, I can disable notifications altogether, but I like some notifications to go through, just not all the time. If you…Continue Reading

7 Cool Chrome Extensions for Facebook

Sep 01, 2010 4 Comments

As a frequent Chrome user the need to weave my social life online with the browser is very important. I’ve already brought you lists of extensions to use with Chrome, but with this post I’ve focused on tools to make managing your social life on Facebook as easy as possible. I’ve rummaged through the Chrome…Continue Reading

How to Completely Disable Facebook Places

Aug 25, 2010 No Comments

Facebook recently launched a location based service by the name of Places which gives Facebook’s 500 million users the ability to check in to places (businesses, schools, cities, etc) via their Facebook app on the iPhone or the Facebook touch site for other mobile devices. Although Places is defaulted to only share check-ins with your…Continue Reading