How to Improve Computer Performance in Seconds

by Jan 23, 2015

Undoubtedly, we spend most of our time today working on laptops and computers. Whether we are playing games or working on office documents, PCs have become an integral and important part of our day to day lives. For this reason, any sluggishness in system performance can dreadfully impact our approaching deadlines and productivity. One of…Continue Reading

5 Ways to Make Your Computer Last Longer

Nov 28, 2011 15 Comments

Computers are essential to our everyday lives and most people will use one at home, at work and even when travelling between the two. A computer failure is very frustrating but inevitable because of the level of demand that we place on these pieces of technology. The average office computer will be on for at…Continue Reading

Fraud and Security Issues with VOIP for Businesses

Sep 13, 2011 No Comments

VOIP-based business phone systems are doing a lot for business. VOIP (Voice/Video Over Internet Protocol) technology has come a long way in a very short time, and while most of VOIP applications were based around consumer use. It did not take long for business to adapt and create full-featured systems to integrate standard calling, extension…Continue Reading

How to Initialize an iSCSI Drive in Windows

Jun 06, 2011 No Comments

When you add a new drive using the iSCSI Initiator in Windows 7 you will need to initialize, configure, and partition the new drive on your Windows 7 PC. In this guide I will walk you through the steps necessary to get your new iSCSI drive initialized and ready for use. Initialize the Disk 1….Continue Reading

How to Connect to a Target with iSCSI Initiator in Windows 7

Jun 03, 2011 No Comments

So you’ve set up an iSCSI Target to share a hard drive or other resource over the network. You know the IP address of the iSCSI Target and you’re ready to use iSCSI Initiator to connect to your Target. Great! All you need to do is follow the instructions below to learn how to connect to…Continue Reading

Mango Coming Soon to a Windows Phone 7 Near You

Jun 02, 2011 No Comments

A new Windows Phone release is scheduled to come to a phone near you. The new release, scheduled for this Fall, named Mango, includes hundreds of new features which were announced at the Mango Press Conference.  Mango will be available in more languages including: Chinese (simplified and traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese,…Continue Reading

How to Find the iSCSI Server IP Address

Jun 02, 2011 No Comments

Before you can connect to the iSCSI target using iSCSI Initiator, you will first need to determine the Target’s IP address, without it you can’t do much. On this guide I will show you how to discover the target’s IP address using iStorage Server, the software used to generate the target in Windows. If you…Continue Reading

How to Install & Configure iStorage Server for Windows

Jun 01, 2011 2 Comments

In the previous post we discussed the benefits of using iSCSI to access resources over a network. In this guide we will take the concept of iSCSI a bit further and show you how to get started. Before you continue with the guide below, download and install the free version of iStorage Server. Once installed, launch the iStorage…Continue Reading

Getting Started with iSCSI for Windows

May 31, 2011 2 Comments

If you are here, you probably want to know what iSCSI is and how to use it and the benefits. Good thing is, that you’ve come to the right place. In the iSCSI series we will publish this week we will discuss the benefits and usage of iSCSI as well as how to set it…Continue Reading

11 Tips to Help Speed Up Your Windows PC

May 26, 2011 6 Comments

There is nothing worse than turning on your PC and waiting for what seems like forever for it to load. Working on a slow computer is frustrating, but there are some easy tricks to try before deciding to upgrade or replace. Rather than tossing your computer out the window in frustration, try a few of…Continue Reading

Use Pin My site to Bring Site Pinning Features to Your Website

May 25, 2011 No Comments

Pin My Site, Microsoft’s relatively new pinning feature which integrates with Windows 7, users of Internet Explorer 9, and popular websites has become popular over the past few months. Pin My Site allows websites to share more information regarding their site by not only making it easier to connect to, but by giving users notifications…Continue Reading

Bing Provides Small Businesses with a Primer on Social-Powered Search

May 20, 2011 1 Comment

It’s no doubt being social can help grow your business  in today’s market, perhaps not as much as search, but its importance is still on the rise. Bing sees this and is working with its search engine, along with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to help out small businesses. Bing is integrating social…Continue Reading

SeniorNet Helps Seniors Learn Windows 7

May 17, 2011 No Comments

Technology has been widely adopted by many, but computers and the Internet have been adopted by a younger crowd. Baby Boomers and seniors are less likely to learn about computers and the Internet on their own and often have a hard time understanding how to use them. Over the past 25 years, SeniorNet has been…Continue Reading