How to Add a Bookmark to the iPad’s Home Screen

If you are constantly visiting a set of websites on your iPad using the Bookmarks bar in Safari might not be enough for you, luckily with the iPad you can add Safari bookmarks to the Home Screen. When you add a bookmark to the iPad’s Home Screen you essentially skip the process of opening Safari and choosing a bookmark or typing the site’s address. After adding a bookmark to the Home Screen you simply tap on the icon and Safari will automatically open and direct you to the page. If you want to start creating Home Screen bookmarks make sure to follow the instructions below.

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Note: I used an iPad running iOS 3.2 for this guide.


1. Head on over to a website that you wish to bookmark and tap on the (+) Add Bookmark button.


2. Tap on the Add to Home Screen button.


4. Name the bookmark.

5. Tap on the Add button.


A. The bookmark to the site will be added as an icon to the iPad’s Home Screen.

  • Mindbiz101

    I am wondering how you remove bookmarks from the home screen on an Ipad?

    • Tap the bookmarks icon and tap the Edit button. This is what will allow you
      to remove bookmarks from the list. Let me know if you need further
      clarification, I may be writing this as a how-to guide.

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  • Peter

    Hey Rik,
    Yes I have the same problem, or at least had it. No option to add Bookmark to Home Screen. After reading your post, knew I wasn’t alone. And so I thought…maybe I have too many apps (that is no room left on any of the Home Screens) and so I deleted an app and…the option in Safari came back. Added and since the filled up the “last” space the option again disappeared.

  • Rik

    Has anyone experienced the ipad not allowing you to Add a web page to the iPad home screen, when I try it only gives me the ( Add Bookmark ) and ( mail Link to this page ) the ( add to home screen ) is not present, and I am up to date with the ipad.

    Also tried to reset no change, it worked for a day any others out there like me. thanks.


  • No problem Helen, we all learn new things every day.

  • No problem Helen, we all learn new things every day.