Firefox Plug-ins that Destroy Your Browsing Experience and How to Avoid Them

by May 19, 2011

Firefox is a very popular browser, and that is not surprising considering it works well on Apple, Windows and just about any smartphone platform. Unfortunately, you will find some of the plug-ins that promise a lot, actually harm your SEO experience. Before you recommend them to your potential customers, you should make sure they are…Continue Reading

How to Surf the Web Securely With Your Browser

May 06, 2011 3 Comments

The most popular browsers currently are Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer, however Google Chrome is another that proves to be one of the best. Regardless of which browser you use, you always want to ensure that your web surfing is safe and secure at all times. Regardless of the amount of plug-ins on the…Continue Reading

How to Delete Your Browsing History in Firefox 3

Jan 17, 2011 2 Comments

Did you know that Firefox provides you with the option to delete your recent browsing history without deleting saved passwords and other items? This is really convenient because it means that you don’t have to delete everything each time you wish to clear your browser’s history. The guide below will show you how to delete…Continue Reading

Use Firefox Home to Sync Your Bookmarks Between Firefox and Your iPhone

Jul 16, 2010 2 Comments

Have you ever wanted the ability to save bookmarks from your computer to your iPhone? If so, you’re going to love the new App from Mozilla. Firefox Home allows iPhone users to synchronize browsing history, bookmarks, and even open tabs to your mobile phone instantly. The App works in conjunction with a Firefox add-in (Firefox…Continue Reading

Download YouTube, Vimeo, and Metacafe Videos in HD with Keep Tube

May 27, 2010 8 Comments

Looking for a quick and easy way to download your favorite videos in high definition? With Keep Tube you can do that and more. Keep Tube is a website which allows users to download videos for later use from the following websites:

Use WiseStamp to Spice Up Your Email Signatures

May 03, 2010 1 Comment

If you’re tired of not being able to automatically include images, links, and other items in your web mail signatures, fear not WiseStamp is here. WiseStamp is an extension for Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird and Flock that allows you to automatically insert signatures with all of the bells and whistles when you compose an email message….Continue Reading

Help Me Spread Awareness About Fake Virus Scanner Scams

Dec 08, 2009 14 Comments

In an effort to educate computer users about the potential dangers of fake virus scanner pop-ups and how to close the pop-ups without infecting their computers I put together a one page PDF that summarizes the threat and lists some steps to help mitigate its impact. The idea came from a similar campaign that was…Continue Reading

Use Xmarks to Backup and Synchronize Your Bookmarks

Jul 17, 2009 6 Comments

So you’ve got two computers at home and one at work which you browse the internet and are constantly bookmarking your favorite sites to. The problem is that unless you copy those bookmarks to a flash drive or other media you will not be able to access the same bookmarks on all three computers. Don’t…Continue Reading

The Difference Between a Browser and a Search Engine

Jul 10, 2009 13 Comments

It is amazing how much we presume others to know, specially when it comes to computer or internet related topics. I came across a post from Seth Godin’s blog on the Best new way to make an internal sale whose featured video completely reinforced my belief that blogs like Gil’s Method are needed to help…Continue Reading

8 Ways to Secure Your Privacy in the Cloud

Jul 08, 2009 18 Comments

As more computer users flock to the cloud to store their information, the amount of personal information online is increasing at an exponential rate. Along with that growth is the increased risk associated with the exposure of private and sensitive information over the internet. When we upload personal data to services like Google Docs or…Continue Reading

How to Download Videos Using DownloadHelper

Mar 04, 2009 7 Comments

I’ve been reading some of the comments posted several articles I have written with instructions on downloading videos from the internet. Many visitors pointed out DownloadHelper as a good alternative to some of the tools that I’ve listed, so I took the opportunity and tried it for myself. My first impression was a very positive…Continue Reading

How to View A Website’s Source Code

Nov 18, 2008 2 Comments

The ability to view a website’s source code is built-in most modern web browsers. The source code allows you to view how the website was coded, in other words put together, it also gives you a glimpse of certain data that would not be available to you by just browsing the website. You can view…Continue Reading

How to Automatically Clear Your Browsing History

Oct 14, 2008 5 Comments

If you are concerned with your the files left behind whenever you browse the internet at home or at the office, then this is your solution. The how-to below will demonstrate how you can setup Internet Explorer and Firefox to automatically delete all files related your browsing activities. If you have any questions or comments,…Continue Reading