Tips to Use Google Tools to Refine Your Search

by Sep 14, 2011

So you are looking for something. It might be a photo. It might be a video. It might be information, a new t-shirt, or a source for your English essay. You, of course, go to Google first. You type in your search, let’s say ‘Dogs in Tuxes’, and hit enter. Boom- you’ve got three million…Continue Reading

Tired of Crossword Puzzles? Try A Google a Day Instead

Apr 19, 2011 No Comments

It’s no doubt crossword puzzles are a popular brain game, but sometimes they just get repetitive, old, or just boring. Trivia games can be a new and exciting alternative to your daily crossword puzzles and now if you get the New York Times you will get an added trivia questions right above the daily crossword….Continue Reading

New Google Algorithm Changes Impacts 11.8% of Results

Feb 28, 2011 No Comments

Changes to the Google search algorithm change quite often, but are typically minuscule updates.  Google has announced that one of their most recent changes is just the opposite. This new update has affected 11.8% of searches, which is quite a large number to say the least. However, Google says that they “have a responsibility to…Continue Reading

How to Disable Google Instant Search

Sep 14, 2010 2 Comments

Google Instant provides you with instant search results as you type. However if you find the latest update to Google Search a bit of an information overload or you simply prefer one page to perform the search and the other with search results, the guide below will show you to disable Google Instant so that…Continue Reading

How to Search for PDF Files Using Google

Sep 02, 2010 1 Comment

Have you ever had the need to find information online, but were stumped because all of the sites that appeared in the search results didn’t provide the information you actually needed? Sometimes the really good stuff is found within PDF files that are scattered on the web. For example, say you are working on a…Continue Reading

I Thought Google Learned Their Lesson With Buzz – Now They Force You to Use Google Search with Ugly Backgrounds

Jun 10, 2010 1 Comment

This morning I fired up the Chrome browser to get online and check my Gmail and I was greeted by a slow loading Google home page with white text and shadow effects. A couple of seconds later a horrendous image appeared in the background. I knew Google was allowing you to customize your Google Search…Continue Reading

11 Obscure Google Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed

Jan 21, 2008 29 Comments

Are you looking for a couple of tricks to squeeze as much as possible from your Google searches? You’ve come to the right place. Many articles will show you how to perform basic math functions, perform measurement conversions and other things. In this article I am going to show you some pretty cool search tricks…Continue Reading

How to Use Google Your Way

Sep 11, 2006 1 Comment

I use Google day in and day out. I use it for search, email, calendar, and recently spreadsheets. As a daily Google user I find it that it would be nice to able to customize certain aspects of my Google experience. How? You may ask. Well read on! “Customize Google is a Firefox extension that…Continue Reading

How to Use Google Grab to Find Your Favorite Pictures

Jul 06, 2006 No Comments

I really like Google’s Image Search, however when I’m searching for a specific picture I hate having to go through each page trying to find what I’m looking for. Well, I stumbled upon a little porgram – Google Grab developed by SAS21 which allows you to do image searches and download the results to a…Continue Reading