Is Picasa Taking Up Too Much Space? Move the Picasa Database to Another Location

by May 06, 2010

Do you have hundreds and thousands of pictures that you are trying to add to Picasa? If so, you are probably receiving an error message stating that your hard drive is full, but you are using an external drive how is this possible? Well, Picasa creates a database on your computer (the C:\ drive) where…Continue Reading

Support is Ending for Windows Vista RTM and XP Service Pack 2

Apr 16, 2010 No Comments

If you are using Windows XP or Vista, you need to be aware of the following information. Microsoft recently announced that it will no longer support Windows Vista RTM after April 13th, 2010 and Windows XP Service Pack 2 after July 13th, 2010. What does this mean? All this means is that your computer will…Continue Reading

How to Backup the Windows Vista Registry

Jan 28, 2010 4 Comments

If you are ever in need of making changes to the registry in order to customize Windows to your liking, you might want to backup your registry before proceeding. When you backup your registry you essentially create a copy of the entire registry so that you can save it in a safe location. You do…Continue Reading

How to Display Multiple Excel Windows in the Taskbar

Jan 07, 2010 1 Comment

I often work with multiple Excel windows at any given time and I have found that I work best with Excel when all open windows are displayed on the Windows Taskbar (see screenshot below for illustration). The default setting for this feature groups all Excel windows (or workbooks) into one Taskbar button. This can be…Continue Reading

Create Photo DVD Slideshows Using Picasa and DVD Maker

Jul 25, 2009 25 Comments

I began using Windows Vista DVD maker for all of my picture slideshows, however when I learned of Picasa’s capabilities in this same space (customization of title screens, more flexibility with formats, and the ease of use inherent with Picasa) I began to use Picasa instead. The problem arose when I was ready to burn…Continue Reading

Are You Ready for Windows 7?

Jul 21, 2009 4 Comments

If you’re asking yourself, “Windows 7? What’s that?” Then you’re probably among a large number of users that are unaware of the new operating system hitting the market on October 22nd of this year. That is correct, almost 3 years later Microsoft is now set to release a replacement for Windows Vista (which was released…Continue Reading

Manually Add Hidden Networks in Vista

Jul 16, 2009 2 Comments

Although elementary as a security measure, disabling the routers ability to broadcast its SSID is still used by many and I feel it is an added layer that will keep snoopers away. If you have this feature enabled you will find that adding a network device requires additional steps that you may not be familiar…Continue Reading

Speed Up Vista with These Simple NTFS Tweaks

Jul 07, 2009 6 Comments

I’m always looking for ways to tweak my computers, specifically my laptop. I recently came across a section of the Windows Vista Annoyances book that detailed how you can increase hard drive performance by tweaking the NTFS file system settings in the registry. I have created a series of screen shots along with explanations to…Continue Reading

Pin Up Your Shortcuts and Declutter Your Desktop

Jun 14, 2009 1 Comment

As someone who uses their computer for work, school, and play I find myself with a desktop full of icons. I tend to be extremely organized and a cluttered desktop just doesn’t do it for me. Luckily Microsoft introduced the concept of easily pinning program shortcuts to the the Start menu. The guide below will…Continue Reading

How to Access the Updates List in Windows Vista

May 20, 2009 No Comments

If you’ve ever ran into a problem whose origin cannot be explained, you might want to take a look at the latest Windows updates that were installed on your computer. There are times that the automatically installed updates can cause unforeseen problems with software or hardware installed on your computer. In order to narrow down…Continue Reading

How to Disable and Enable Thumbnails in Vista

Feb 04, 2009 4 Comments

If you’ve modified Vista’s visual elements to gain some performance you might find that disabled thumbnail generation in Windows Explorer can lead to rather boring picture browsing experience, as a result I’ve put this guide together to show you how to enable thumbnails in Explorer. On the other hand you would like to prevent thumbnails…Continue Reading

How to Map a Network Drive in Vista

Dec 18, 2008 5 Comments

Home networks provide a great way of sharing data between different computers and easy access to specific directories can sometimes result in clicking through a dozen folders before arriving at your desired destination. In order to avoid the usual, “\\somecomputer\users\username\My Documents\School\2008\Spring\” when locating a specific folder on a networked PC, you can simplify this by…Continue Reading

How to Enable Remote Desktop Connection with Vista

Dec 08, 2008 3 Comments

You have two computers in your house, one in the living room, the other in the office, however you want to perform certain tasks on the computer in the living room without leaving the office, enter Remote Desktop. Microsoft bundled with their latest release of Windows a neat little tool to do just that, Remote…Continue Reading