How to Enable the Preview Pane in Gmail

by Aug 12, 2011

If you live inside a Gmail window for a greater part of the day you will find some relief when you find out about Gmail’s new Labs feature. Preview pane is a new feature that when enabled allows you to view Gmail in a split-screen view that is common with most email clients that run…Continue Reading

How to Setup Your Gmail Account in Mac OS Lion

Jul 20, 2011 7 Comments

One of the iPad-like features that made it to Lion is the Mail, Contacts & Calendars Preference pane. This new feature allows you to add accounts from various services to your Mac without having to add the account to individual applications. On this guide we will focus on adding a Gmail account to your Mac….Continue Reading

Keep Track of Your Contacts with the Gmail People Widget

May 30, 2011 No Comments

Gmail is a great tool for connecting with friends and family, but sometimes it’s hard to find all of the information you need from them. Often enough, you have to look for information in many different areas of Gmail, so now Gmail is making it easier to find all of this information by adding a…Continue Reading

Use Google Chat to Keep in Touch with Your AIM Buddies

May 25, 2011 2 Comments

A few years back, Google teamed up with AOL to allow you to connect to your AIM account right inside of Gmail.  Now Google has made this one step better by allowing you to chat with your AOL buddies on different Google services including Orkut, iGoogle and Google Talk on Android devices.  In addition to…Continue Reading

7 Tips to Help You Plow Through Hundreds of Daily Emails

May 05, 2011 2 Comments

Are you the guy or gal that gets hundreds, if not thousands of emails a day? You can’t keep track of the important messages that you really need to get before other emails? If you are this person, or even if you’re not, here are some helpful tricks to help speed up your Gmail inbox….Continue Reading

Enjoy Faster Gmail with Background Send

Apr 29, 2011 1 Comment

Tired of waiting around for Gmail to send messages? Sending many messages at once, but can’t begin to use your email again until they’re all sent? Now you don’t have to worry anymore with the new Gmail Labs feature, called Background Send, which will send messages in the background. You can use Gmail regularly while…Continue Reading

Customize Gmail’s Colors and Background to Your Taste

Apr 26, 2011 2 Comments

Customizing your Gmail Inbox identifies you as a unique individual. Some people like the old classic look like the Terminal theme, while some people prefer an earthier theme like the Turf theme. On the other hand people really don’t like any of the themes provided to them and would prefer to select their own colors…Continue Reading

Google Fixes the Little Things in Gmail

Apr 13, 2011 No Comments

The members on the Gmail team are always finding new ways to update Gmail, but typically work on larger updates rather than the small annoyances you might find in Gmail. So, they’ve set out and changed a couple of minor updates that have probably been bugging you. The first little update is having the ability…Continue Reading

Smart Labels Now Available in Gmail Labs

Mar 31, 2011 No Comments

Having an organized Inbox not only helps save time by sorting everything into groups, but also allows for a cleaner, smoother feeling Inbox. An Inbox can get cluttered easily with Forum messages, constant Facebook updates and other miscellaneous notifications. While you probably read over them briefly, they’re typically not something that has to clutter up…Continue Reading

Two Gmail Labs Features Gradute

Mar 04, 2011 No Comments

If you’re like me, you use Gmail on a regular basis and your inbox tends to get cluttered up. You want to sort everything using the labels feature, but it’s just not detailed enough for you. It doesn’t give you the options that you want, like hiding read labels or hiding labels from subjects. While…Continue Reading

Secure Your Hotmail Account from Hijackers

Feb 24, 2011 5 Comments

Account hijacking is nothing new to the account and email world and there really hasn’t been much of a stolen account decrease over time. Hijackers are finding new ways everyday to steal your account information, so it’s important to make your account as secure as possible. Every email provider, even Gmail and Hotmail have issues…Continue Reading

Google Docs Viewer Adds Support to More File Formats

Feb 23, 2011 2 Comments

If you’ve used Google or Gmail in the past I’m sure you’ve come across a PDF file that you’ve wanted to quickly view, rather than download. Google has been offering the quick view of PDF Files, Word Documents and PowerPoint’s for quite some time now, but now they are expanding those formats to support the…Continue Reading

Priority Inbox Now Available for All Mobile Devices

Feb 09, 2011 No Comments

Back in August 2010, Google released the Beta Priority Inbox for Gmail; a feature which analyzes your messages and attempts to sort your messages with the highest priority first. There are a bunch of factors Gmail utilizes to prioritize your inbox, but a lot of the signals rely on how you read and reply to…Continue Reading