Concerned About Your Privacy? Delete Your Profile from Spokeo

This morning I received an email from one of my readers alerting me about the amount of personal information aggregated by, a people-related search engine that claims it’s, “Not your grandma’s phonebook.” Naturally I looked up the website and performed a search on myself, I figured I’d find some of the stuff posted on social networks…nothing too personal though. In my case commingled the pictures I use on social networks with a gentleman that lives in Miami (the city I reside in) who’s 51, I’m half that age. On top of that it listed all of this information about my supposed income level, astrological sign, and a slew of information compiled from marketing research/other sources of information about folks living in similar areas, it even showed a picture of this person’s house (see screenshot below).

Based on what I’ve been reading throughout the website’s privacy policy and blog, it appears that Spokeo is very serious about your privacy and provide several tools that allow you to remove your information from appearing in Spokeo’s search engine results. The how-to below will show you where these pages reside and how the process works.

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Information Displayed

Before we go over the steps necessary to remove the directory listing from Spokeo, I wanted to give you an idea of the information that can be aggregated by this site.

You might need to click on the image to see all of the details.

Spokeo Personal Search

If you pay 2.95/month for an annual membership you can get a Full Report + 1 Year of Searches. According to the website, available results may include: Name, age, ethnicity, marital status, and more (see image below).

Spokeo Personal Search

How to Remove Your Spokeo Profile

Spokeo Personal Search

Visit and perform a search of your name.

Spokeo Personal Search

1. When your name appears in the search results (left pane) click on the name representing you. When you do this, the profile information about your name will be listed on the pane to the right. Select the web address (URL) located in the address bar of your browser and copy it.

Spokeo Personal Search

2. Go to and paste the URL you just copied into the URL box. Enter your email address and the verification code.

3. Click on the Remove Listing button.

Spokeo Personal Search

4. You will see the following confirmation for your submission. Check your email.

Spokeo Personal Search

5. When you receive the email from click on the link to complete the removal process.

Spokeo Personal Search

Your browser should open and you should see the message above, indicating that the directory listing you specified was removed.

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  • cindy hensley

    I did everything you said to remove my info and it is still there, I tryed this several times what do I do now I need help???????????

    • You may want to submit a request directly to Spokeo using their contact form. It’s up to them and their system to remove you from their listings

  • Jen

    Great info. Where do I find other sites like this that might have my info? Also I coundn’t completely remove all my “names” because the site limits how many times I can do it. Is there a way around that?

    • Not that I’m aware of. You could try using a different email address to see if that would work.

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  • Sjsy2k

    They are creeps, making opting out a real chore. I’ve tried in excess of 30 times to delete myself from their website but their capcha code is not working properly.

    • I had the same issue, try in a couple of days, that worked for me.

  • Acudiva

    I tried the Remove Listing feature: the “capcha code” does not work: I typed in the characters exactly as they appeared no less than 10 times!
    I typed in my complaint in the Contact Us area with Privacy as the topic. I mentioned the “capthcha code” problem. I also said I did not want my email (which has to be included to make the Remove Listing request, per the site’s seemingly easy instructions.) That was sent yesterday: no reply. I sent another email the same way today: no reply as yet.

    It is idiocy and time intensive to have to police private information this way.

  • Idontwantyourjunk1

    I attempted to remove my personal info from Spokeo without success. The “Validation Box” WILL NOT except any attempt to input the validation code. I tried over twenty times, several different ways without success! I have no doubt that this is by design on the part of Spokeo!

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