How to Disable AutoCorrect Features in Word 2010

Although Word’s AutoCorrect  feature makes us a bit careless with what we type, it does heck of a job to increase our productivity. It corrects typos, capitalizes words for us, and makes sure that we capitalize the correct words. It also does a great job of being really annoying at times because it will automatically capitalize words you don’t want capitalized or correct words it thinks should be one thing when you meant another, don’t get me wrong it is pretty darn accurate, but if you want to the option to shut it off or want to add a couple of exceptions to the list, you’ll find the instructions below useful.

If you need help with this feature or have questions, please use the comments form below.

Note: I used Word 2010 for this tutorial, but it should apply to Word 2007.


1. Click on File to open the menu.

2. Click on Options.


3. When the Word Options window opens, click on Proofing on the left pane.

4. Click on the AutoCorrect Options button.


When the AutoCorrect <Language> window opens, you will have several options.

5. To control what items Word AutoCorrects, add or remove checkmarks to each of the items listed below:

  • Correct TWo CApitals
  • Capitalize first letter of sentences
  • Capitalize first letter of table cells
  • Capitalize names of days
  • Correct accidental usage of cAPS LOCK key.

A. You can also specify whether or not you want Word to Replace text as you type. If so you can add items to the list or modify the existing list.

B. To specify Exceptions to all these rules, click on the Exceptions button (see screenshot below).


AutoCorrect Exceptions List.

C. When you are satisfied with the changes, click OK to save the changes and close the window.

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  • Eli Z


    • Following the instructions in this guide did not help? If you specify which
      items to ignore or disable autocorrect completely it should not be

  • AnneWriter

    I have a problem in a 350 page manuscript where some various pages convert Quotation Marks into symbols. This happens when I email an attachment. I can not see this error in my document. I upgraded to Word 2010, but have not been able to correct this problem.

    I have blocked below and highlighted a sample of this error. (Actually when I paste in the sample, it chooses even more quotation errors.) I need to send out this MS the end of this week without this error. Thanks for anyone’s help.

    “Your daddy been in trouble. More than you know.
    For stealing. I know he did it, not you. I should have told. Annie confessed.
    He stole your childhood. But he carried you with him everywhere.

    That was me in that photograph.
    Spec so. Hes your Dad.
    Harold had told her, Annie had suspected, but Cora telling her now made it true. “Weren’t I good enough for them?”
    Cora’s answer was strange. One day you’ll grow up, be old just like me. You’ll sing by yourself. Baby, hold nothing back.

    Annie laid her head back on Coras chest. She heard her heart thrum. Cora let the catalpa branch drop to the floor and she placed her dark hand on Annies head, held her tight, stroked her hair. She placed her hand smack in the middle of the little girls chest. Baby, this is the place where there’s always corn bread. Here’s your ‘love you place.
    Hope took all the energy Cora did not have. Here was her baby, not Luther, not Harold, not Nellie Mae, all so harmed. Annie was not her skin, but Annie was a part of her.
    Where’s the baby?”
    “With the Ragman. I think he’s safe now.”

  • Dvaughnprice

    That was NOT the question. The question was how to turn auto correct OFF. Does anyone read this stuff before they print it?

    • I Chou look at step A. you will notice that you can uncheck automatically correct text as you type. If you uncheck this, Word will stop bugging you.

      Sent from my iPad

  • Enanni

    It seems that my outlook 2010 auto correction is disabled – I see auto format, auto correct, actions, etc… but they are all grayed out?

    Any ideas.

  • Rhuwe

    I am trying to write a multiple choice exam. The tip here to find “Options” in “File” was GREAT. I went in and undid everything I could, but it *still* is imposing a tab on numbers. As an example, if I type the number 1 and then make two spaces and then make a line, it immediately tabs the number one over. For that matter, it also bolds the lines without my asking.

    Is there any way to stop it? If you can help, you are a hero!

  • RemyC

    This only works while the program is open. It reverts back every time you reopen Outlook. How do you PERMANENTLY disable auto-correct functions?

    • RemyC,

      Are you trying to do this with Outlook 2010? If not what version? Thanks.

  • Name

    Hi Gilbert.
    i want to enable auto-correct options in Outlook 2010, but it is not enabled. I can add entries to the “replace text as [you] type” and this is the only check-box that is active/controllable by me, if accessed through the Outlook toolbar.

    The other tabs, and check-boxes are greyed-out (and un-checked) in this window.

    In Office 2007, the same screen is fully active and works as expected.

    thanks for any insight in advance.