Download Additional Windows 7 Themes from Around the World

In a recent post on the Windows Experience blog, Jennifer Shepherd revealed some of the information on how the beautiful Windows 7 themes were created. She also revealed that in the Windows Personalization website users can download additional country themes that supplement those that ship with Windows 7. For example, if you purchase a Windows 7 PC in Japan you will have access to the Japanese theme, but if you head over to the Windows 7 Personalization website you can download an additional Japan theme that contains new images specific to the country.


Of course, you are always welcome to download some of the 35 country-specific themes available, but it’s nice to know that there are additional country-specifc themes to complement your Windows desktop experience.¬†Download themes from the Windows 7 Themes Gallery. You may also want to follow (@WinObs) for some really cool theme suggestions.

  • Anonymous

    I opened all the folders, took out the ones I liked and stuck them in one file. I now have some 150 of the best desk top pics. My problem is I also like the aero themes like the architecture but can’t copy them out even after changing user authority. Any ideas?