How to Use FaceTime on Your Mac

As most of you have heard Apple today announced the availability of FaceTime for all Mac users. This means that you can make a video call to anyone with an iPod Touch or an iPhone from your Mac. If you’re trying to figure out where to download and how to use this really amazing feature check out the instructions below. If you have any comments or questions please use the comments form at the end of the article.

Software/Hardware used: Mac Mini running Mac OSX 10.6.5 and FaceTime Beta.

Before proceeding Download and install FaceTime from

How to Make a FaceTime Call on Your Mac

Make sure you installed FaceTime and that your webcam is plugged-in before proceeding.

How to FaceTime on Your Mac

1. Click on the FaceTime shortcut to open the application.

2. Because you are running FaceTime for the first time you will be asked to enter your Apple ID to continue. Enter your information.

3. Click Sign In.

A. If you don’t have an Apple ID or would like to use another email to associate with your FaceTime account click on the Create New Account button and follow the instructions.

How to FaceTime on Your Mac

4. If you would like to use another email address instead of the email address associated with your Apple ID, enter it in the box.

5. Click Next when you are done.

6. Once you are signed on, your contact list should appear. Click on the individual you wish to FaceTime.

7. When that individuals information appears, click on the phone number associated with their mobile device or the email address use for their FaceTime account.

You will see a call screen very similar to that found on the iPhone. Once connected your video feed will be minimized and the person you are calling should appear on the screen.

How to FaceTime on Your Mac

If the person you are calling rotates their phone, FaceTime will automatically adjust the image and rotate the video feed for you. You can use the call buttons just like you would on the iPhone. The mute button, End Call, and Maximize window.

Have you tried FaceTime on your Mac yet? What do you think so far?