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Forget Acrobat Reader, PDF’s Open Automagically in Chrome


The latest version Chrome beta has an integrated PDF reader that requires no additional software or plug-in’s to open PDF files. Google feels that since the PDF format is the most popular file format used to deliver documents on the web that it would be a good idea to make the viewer part of the browser itself. To mitigate security risks associated with PDF’s, Google has added a layer of security called the “sandbox” around the PDF viewer to prevent attacks from malware and security flaws aimed at PDF files. More features will be added and the feature should be available in the stable Chrome channel in the near future.

PDF’s appear to open almost instantly within a Chrome tab. You will notice that when opening PDF’s there is no way to zoom in or out, but if you place your mouse cursor on the lower-right corner of the document a set of tools to modify the document view will appear.

Software used: Google Chrome 8.0.552.28 beta


A. Zoom toolbar.


a. Fit document to window height.

b. Fit document to window width.

c. Decrease magnification of entire page.

d. Increase magnification of entire page.

With Flash and now a PDF viewer built-in, what else do you think Google will incorporate in future versions of Google Chrome?

Originally posted Nov 05, 2010

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  • That built in PDF view would be very nice if it worked more than 25% of the time under
    v 8.0.555.0