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How to Access 30,000 FREE eBooks for the iPad


With over 30,000 free eBooks in the ePub format, Project Gutenberg will probably be one of the most frequented sites by iPad owners. The iPad natively supports various eBook formats, among those is the ePub format which is used by Project Gutenberg. Books range from classics like Iliad to more recent books by Mark Twain. The how-to below will show you where to get the ePub formatted eBooks and how to add them to your iTunes library so that you can enjoy them on your iPad.

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Download eBooks How-to Video

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Download and Add eBooks to iTunes

Read free ebooks on your iPad

1. Go to the Project Gutenberg website –

2. Locate a book you wish to read on your iPad, click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the book’s page.

Read free ebooks on your iPad

3. Download the EPUB format of the book your viewing.

Read free ebooks on your iPad

4. Open iTunes and click on File

5. Click on Add File to Library from the menu.

Read free ebooks on your iPad

6. Locate and select the eBook file you downloaded.

7. Click Open.

Read free ebooks on your iPad

If you have not added eBooks previously you will notice that Books will now appear in iTunes.

Read free ebooks on your iPad

When you click on Books you will notice that the book we just added will be listed.

Sync eBooks to iPad

Read free ebooks on your iPad

8. Make sure your iPad is connected. Right-click on your iPad.

9. Choose Sync from the menu.

View the eBook on the iPad

Read free ebooks on your iPad

1. Tap on the iBooks App

Read free ebooks on your iPad

2. Tap on the free eBook you added – the book should open.

Read free ebooks on your iPad

Enjoy your free eBook compliments of the Gutenberg project.

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Originally posted Apr 03, 2010

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