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How to Add Bookmarks to Your iPad’s Bookmarks Bar in Safari


So now that you have enabled the Bookmarks Bar in Safari, you want to start adding bookmarks to this convenient location.

Unless you specify that you want your bookmarks saved to the Bookmarks bar, chances are they are ending up in the default location.

The guide below will show you how to add bookmarks to your Bookmarks Bar in Safari.

Add Bookmarks to the iPad’s Bookmark Bar

Launch the Safari App before proceeding.

Add Bookmarks to iPad Bookmarks Bar

1. Visit the site you wish to bookmark and tap on the + sign located next to the address bar.

2. Tap on Add Bookmark from the menu.

Add Bookmarks to iPad Bookmarks Bar

3. To specify the Bookmarks Bar, tap on Bookmarks

Add Bookmarks to iPad Bookmarks Bar

4. Tap on Bookmarks Bar from the menu.

Add Bookmarks to iPad Bookmarks Bar

5. Name your the bookmark.

6. Tap Save.

Add Bookmarks to iPad Bookmarks Bar

Your newly created bookmark will appear in Safari’s Bookmarks bar.

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Originally posted Apr 04, 2010

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  • Marielines

    I havent got a cross next to my address bar, what should i do

    • Apple changed the icon to a small arrow. Tap on that instead. I need to update the screenshots.

  • Rae

    my ipad don’t have the + sign…..

    • Use the small arrow instead. Let me know if you need ore guidance. Thanks.

    • Rrzewuski

      Mine doesnt have the + either… how can i add a bookmark??

    • Use the small arrow that appears next to the address bar.