How to Close Running Apps on the iPad

Is your iPad running slow? Then you probably have a ton of apps that are still running in the background. In iOS 4 for the iPad, Apple introduced multitasking which allows you to quickly switch between apps, but in order to do this the app is placed in a “paused” state while you access another app. This can affect performance especially if you have several games and other memory intensive apps running on the iPad.

To close apps on your iPad you can reboot the iPad or close individual apps by following the instructions below.

Software/Hardware used: iPad running iOS 4.2.


1. Press the Home button twice.

2. Press and hold down one of the apps that appears in the recently open list.


3. You will notice that the apps will begin to wiggle, tap on the small circle with the negative symbol. This will close the application. Repeat the process for the remaining apps.

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  • Taittems

    When I am using ArtRage, my favorite program on the iPad, it often crashes and sometimes I get the message I am using too much RAM. I do not know exactly what that means or how to fix it, and I tried doing a search through your posts, but didn’t find anything. May have put int he wrong keywords? Mary

  • Taittems

    Is there any way to add navigational arrows to the iPad?

  • Taittems

    Is there any way to add navigational arrows to the iPad>

  • Edwardavis

    Perfect…I had no idea that I had so many apps running at the same time! Thanks.

  • Shopnesheim

    I was having very slow safari performance and this fixed it.
    Joe N.

  • Rylee

    Double tapping doesn’t work it brings up the search page .????

    • Do you have iOS 4 installed? It sound like you don’t. Plug in your ipad, open iTunes and update the software.

  • Anonymous

    I always close my iPad apps without closing it properly and it gets hanged some times. Thanks for this wonderful information shared. Zakynthos Villas

  • tk

    Love your site! how about MORE apple related stuff RE: iPad?

  • Anonymous

    Good tutorial!not only easy, but also practical.

  • Anonymous

    Wow i was looking for this on google for a quite while,finally found it and followed the instructions and closed all the other application…which was hanged for some period of time…
    villa in skopelos