How to Enable FaceTime on the iPad 2

You’ve got you hands on an iPad 2 and are psyched about FaceTime, the problem is you have no clue how to set it up. In this guide I will show you how to enable FaceTime on the iPad 2 so that you can begin enjoying making video phone calls to other FaceTime enabled devices.

Software/Hardware used: iPad 2 running iOS 4.3.

Note: You can also use these instructions to add more than one Apple ID so that you can make FaceTime calls from other accounts.

Enable facetime ipad 21

1. On your iPad’s Home screen, tap Settings.

Enable facetime ipad 23

2. Tap FaceTime under Settings.

3. Enter your Apple ID credentials and tap Sign In.

A. If you don’t have an Apple ID (which you will need), tap Create New Account and follow the instructions to create an account with Apple.

Enable facetime ipad 24

4. Verify that the address listed is the one you wish to associate with your FaceTime account. This is the email people will use to call you via FaceTime on your iPad 2.

Tap Next to proceed.

Enable facetime ipad 25

5. Make sure that FaceTime is toggled to ON.

Once activated, your iPad will be associated with your FaceTime account. Here’s how to make a FaceTime call on the iPad 2.

A. You can add another email to associate with your FaceTime account by tapping Add Another Email.

  • Deerman

    How do you change the picture that it took when setting up? I wasn’t ready and it looks like I’m chewing on a lemon. Thanks!

    • What picture do you speak of? On your Mac? I’m not sure which you refer to
      on the iPad…let me know.

    • Deerman

      On the ipad 2. When I 1st got on facetime it took an awful pic of me. So now when I turn on facetime that’s the pic it uses. I cant find ANYWHERE how to change it.

    • I’ve looked and can’t find the option. The only other thing I can think off
      is changing the picture associated with your contact card on the iPad…in
      other words change the picture for the Deerman contact card…or whatever it
      is called. Go to Contacts and edit your card (name) in the contact list. Let
      me know if this makes sense.