How to Enable HDMI Audio Using Your HP Pavilion Media Center PC

I bought an HP Pavilion Media Center PC about a year ago and not until recently was the audio from the HDMI connection working. When I initially connected the computer to the TV with the HDMI cable I could not get the sound to come through. After a couple of hours of frustration I gave up and connected the audio via coax instead. I was helping a good friend of mine with his newly purchased HP Pavilion when I noticed that there was an addendum to the manual that came with the computer. The addendum included with his computer contained the instructions which detailed how to enable the sound using the HDMI connection. His computer was 1 year younger than mine, but I made a copy of the document nevertheless. I went home and followed the instructions, two minutes later I was listening to the audio streaming from my computer using the HDMI connection. I decided to post this with the hope of helping others that may encounter this issue. If you have any comments or questions please post them below.

Note: I used Windows Vista Home Edition on an Hewlett-Packard Pavilion Media Center M8430F. As I previously stated the addendum was included with an HP Pavilion that was 1 year newer than the one I own and the process worked just fine, just make sure that your HP uses the Realtek Audio card.

Enable HDMI HP Media Center

1. With your computer turned on, right-click on the Sound icon located in the notification area on the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on Playback Devices from the menu.

Note: The icon looks like a small speaker on its side

Enable HDMI HP Media Center

2. The Sound window will open. Under the Playback tab, right-click on the Realtek HDMI Output. Click on Enable from the drop-down menu.

Enable HDMI HP Media Center

3. Once enabled the TV icon should have a Checkmark indicating that it is enabled. Click on Realtek HDMI Output again and click on the Properties button.

Enable HDMI HP Media Center

4. The Properties window will open. Click on the Supported Formats tab and add a check to the 48.0 KHz checkbox. Make sure that it is the only sample rate selected. Click OK to close the window.

Verify that sound is now being output by the HDMI connection on your computer by playing a movie or music. Enjoy.

Troubleshooting HDMI Connections on Your HP Computer

(Added 12/19/09)

I’ve received quite a bit of feedback from readers that they are having trouble with their HDMI connections, particularly with the RealTek Device and driver. After some digging I discovered a torubleshooting page published by HP in their support section, I’ve placed the link below so that users having difficulties can try out some of the solutions. In the near future I’ll publish a How-to Guides for the Rest of Us format for these troubleshooting tips to help those who would like the additional details found with my guides.

Please let me know if you find any resources so that I can publish them here. Thanks to all of you for your feedback and I look forward to helping you with these issues.

Link to HP Website for HDMI Torubleshooting – HDMI Troubleshooting

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  • 9er

    What if there is no HDMI audio device listed in the Playback tab? I have an HP dv3t and can only get video through HDMI. I’ve reinstalled and updated all sound device drivers and nothing has worked. Any suggestions?

    • If you just bought the laptop I recommend that you call HP to see if they
      can help you…could be a faulty device. Also did you make sure that the
      device is enabled in your computer?

  • Shah Soham

    I just bought this LCD TV COBY TFDVD3295 .. When I’m plugging in my HP pavilion dv4 Laptop’s HDMI to this TV’s HDMI via HDMI Cable and when I start a movie on my laptop, videocomes top-notch but after a while audio becomes scratchy(like radio signal) in between .. Then Audio comes back fine and then suddenly again loud scratchy sound .. Why does this happen?

    • Do you have the latest version of the drivers? Also, have you tried another
      cable…could be a cable issue. Let us know how it goes.


      *Gilberto J Perera*, Microsoft MVP
      Editor-in-Chief, | Tech How-to
      Guides for the Rest of Us™
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    • Shah Soham

      Since last 2 days, somehow tht noise has disappeared .. So feeling good .. I was treaming data fromInternet and then I was watching it on TV via my laptop so streaming audio-Video at the same time might hv caused the problem.. I have ordered a new cable wich will arrive in a day or two .. Will update teh frum once I use the new cable ..

    • Great to hear. Thanks.

  • Jonasbolsen

    I use HP Pavilion dv6, and bought a HDMI cable, at first it all worked fine, but then i decided to use my headphones instead of my tv-speaker, and i pressed “Disable” in the sound options at the HDMI sound device, and now that i want it turned back on, it doesnt show, only my computer sound.. My question is, how do i re-activate my HDMI sound?

    • Have you tried rebooting the computer and re-enabling the audio device in
      the Control Panel? Please let me know.

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  • Etrim-uph

    Thanks heaps, have been trying to get mine working for ages 🙂

  • Lfbg007

    I was having troble too, but I just closed itunes and when I opened it again , all was working out!! So I dont know if some of you may have this trouble…

  • Titan-uranus

    Fallowed the instructions… everything is set up right, but the sound still comes out of the lap top speakers and will not come out of the TV speakers, any suggestions?

    • Lfbg007

      just make sure to close your music player once youve done all changes, the next time youll open it, it will be working….at least thats what was happening in my case

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. It probably had to do with iTunes using the other driver and when you changed it and then closed it, it began using the correct output.


      Gilberto J Perera