How to Sync Toodledo with iCal

As a huge Toodledo fan and user I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that there were no real good Mac applications that would allow me to sync Toodledo with my Mac. Fortunately there’s a way to set up a sync between your Toodledo task list online and iCal on your Mac.

The guide below will walk you through the steps necessary to enable task list syncing between Toodledo and iCal.

Software/Hardware used: iCal running on Mac OS 10.6.

Enable iCal Sync on Toodledo

Sync ical with toodledo

1. When you log in to your Toodledo account, click Tools & Services on the left pane.

2. When the Tools & Services page loads, click Configure in the Calendars box.

Sync ical with toodledo a

3. Check to Enable Calendar Subscriptions and click Save Changes.

Sync ical with toodledo b

You will be provided with a list of four calendar subscription links that will allow you to subscribe to your Toodledo list in iCal.

  • EventsTasks with a date will appear on the calendar.
  • Non-Events: Tasks without a date will appear on the to-do list.
  • A-Combo: Tasks with a date will appear on the calendar and dateless tasks will appear on the to-do list.
  • B-Todos: Dated and dateless tasks will both appear on the to-do list.

I recommend you choose B-Todo’s, this way you only get the task list and not a list and calendar entries. The choice is yours.

4. When you are ready, right-click on the link(URL) you wish to use and click Copy Link Address. Make sure to include the entire address, beginning with webcal.

Subscribe to Toodledo Task List in iCal

Once you copied the URL to the task list you will need to add it via subscription in iCal. Follow the instructions below.

Sync ical with toodledo c

1. Right-click the blank space on the calendar list pane and click Subscribe from the menu.

Sync ical with toodledo d

2. Paste the URL from the previous section and click Subscribe.

Sync ical with toodledo e

You can customize the task list by assigning a name and changing the color. If you sync with a service like MobileMe you can change the location of the task list.

3. IMPORTANT – You must uncheck To Do items for this to work.

4. Click OK to save the changes.

Sync ical with toodledo f

5. If the task list is not visible, click the Task list icon on the bottom right corner of the iCal window to open the Task list pane.

Now you will be able to interact with your Toodledo task list in iCal. If you have any comments or questions please use the comments form below.

  • Griz

    It worked fine for me too txs alot for the work and the tip.
    You mentioned also working with mobile me… which i’m doing. could i also get the todo list in
    the mobile me calender?
    txs in advance

    • Unless you want it to appear as an event in the calendar you can’t. If
      you’re looking for a list similar to that found in iCal, it will not
      work…hopefully Apple will address that in the much anticipated update to
      MobileMe this summer.

  • Fmiranda

    Thanks a lot for this tip. I worked here just fine.
    One question – is it possible to show in my iCal Calendar the 2Dos that I have pending for that day? For example, I can have a quick look at my weekly calendar and see which days I have tasks assigned to me. Not only have a list of Todos on the Calendar side. Is it possible?

    • Fmiranda

      I got it!! Just add the Combo and if there is an entry that has date will appear on the calendar, if its dateless will appear in the Todo list! WOW This is great!!! I can sync My ios devices with the 2Do app and now my macbook pro can stay in Sync with all my devices through toodledo! Great!!!!

    • Glad it worked out for you, I was elated as well when I discovered I could
      keep everything synced up. Thanks for the kind words.