How to Take a Quick Look at Spotlight Search Results in Lion

One of the coolest features landing on Spotlight for Mac OS X, aside from searching Wikipeda, is the ability to use Quick Look to preview a result without opening Quick Look.

To use this feature simply enter a query in the Spotlight searchbox.

Spotlight search quick look results lion

When the results appear place your cursor over the result you wish to preview and a Quick Look pop-over will provide you with the preview of the item you selected from the list.

You can even interact with the preview, so if you have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs you can click on each tab to view the contents.

If the file you were looking at is not the file just place the cursor over another result and you will be able to take a Quick Look without having to open Quick Look.

Neat feauture, huh? If you have any comments or questions please use the comments form below.

Software/Hardware Used: Mac OS X Lion.

  • I truly appreciate the content of your blog.. Keep going.

  • Hartsook

    but Spotlight no longer shows me the location of the found file 
    Sometimes I want to be able to open the folder the file is in not just open the file itself

    • Hartsook

      I found a partial answer. cmd-click on the Spotlight item will open the containing folder. This is nice, but I still would like to see a breadcrumb in a popup without actually opening the window first.

    • @Hartsook – thanks for the tip, that is a great find. You can get the breadcrumb if you right-click on the result while previewing it.