How to Join a HomeGroup in Windows 7

Did you create a HomeGroup on your network, but don’t know how to join your other computers to the HomeGroup? In this guide I will walk you through the steps necessary to add a Windows 7 computer to an existing HomeGroup in your network. Before proceeding with this guide make sure that at least one HomeGroup computer is one so that you can join its HomeGroup. You will need the HomeGroup password in order to join the HomeGroup so make sure you have that handy. If you have any comments or questions please use the comments form at the end of the article.

Software used: Windows 7 Ultimate.

How to Join an Existing HomeGroup


1. Open Windows Explorer and click on the HomeGroup icon located on the Navigation pane.

2. Because your computer is not part of an existing HomeGroup you will see the following message, “Share with other computers running Windows 7.” Click on Join Now.

3. Select the Libraries you wish to share by adding a checkmark to each.

4. Click Next to proceed.

5. Enter the HomeGroup password you originally obtained when you created the HomeGroup.

6. Click Next to proceed.


7. Click Finish to close the Join a HomeGroup setup.

A. You will notice that when you open HomeGroup the computers in the HomeGroup will be available. Just double-click to open so that you can access the files and printers shared by the computer.

How do you like using HomeGroup with Windows 7? Have any tips to share? Please use the comments form below.

  • Indoor water wall

    I have tried hooking up my computers (which is by the way working in Windows 7) using the homegroup but I can’t seem to get past the password part and to think I’ve been going in and out of the main pc to get the password. But I’ll try again thanks for your tips.

  • Wldhogn

    I have two Windows 7 computers with W7 Home Premium (both less than 6 months old) and I’m having one heck of a time with network and homegroup connections. Computer 1 (C1) was the first W7 computer and Computer 2 (C2) came along after the network was setup on C1. I set up a homegroup between the two (or I should say I tried) and when I click on Homegroup on C2 it didn’t give me the option to “join” an existing homegroup … only to make a new one. I can see C2 over the network icon in Windows Explorer from C1 and even look inside and play media from the folders that I shared on C2. I cannot see C1 from C2 in the same way using Windows Explorer. Also, my original network on C1 is called YellowWhale and when I look at the network name on C2 it calls it Network 2 .. ? Do I have two different networks fighting each other? I guess what I want to know is …. how can I get C2 back on the original network and homegroup I made on C1. Is there any way to go back to the begining on C2 and start over? OH .. I forgot to say that during all this I bought a new Linksys Router E3000 and I put that on line since all this started. Any of your thoughts would be a huge help. Thanks.. WldHogn

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