Kick the Windows XP Habit with These 10 Tips


Windows XP has been a reliable operating system for many businesses and people worldwide, but support for this 10 year old operating system is going to expire in a little less than 3 years; April 8, 2014 to be precise. Microsoft has done their best to help people make the switch from the old lackluster Windows XP to the new and advanced Windows 7. They are providing 10 tips and resources to help make the switch:

  1. Is Windows XP Good Enough? The Springboard Series Virtual Round Table covers a variety of common topics on switching off of Windows XP.
  2. See if your skills are good enough to deploy Windows 7 with the Learning Portal.
  3. Follow the Springboard Series Tour across many US cities to get helpful hints and deployment techniques.
  4. If you’re in Atlanta, or wish to visit there, check out some of the Windows Deployment Sessions at TechEd May 16-19, 2011.
  5. Become an Insider for the Springboard Series and receive monthly tips and tricks right in your inbox.
  6. Looking for a specific application to switch over or deploy? Check out one of the many Springboard Zone applications, which include Internet Explorer, Office and many others.
  7. Find a Springboard Technical Experts Program (STEP) member near you
  8. Follow the Springboard Twitter Feed for updates, tips, and tricks.
  9. Try Windows 7 on a 90-day trial to see if you’re ready for deployment.
  10. Download the Windows XP Desktop Gadget to watch the day’s countdown until you no longer have support for Windows XP.
  • Anonymous

    Microsoft has *NOT* done everything to get people to switch to Windows 7…..for one, they do not have a direct upgrade path from XP to 7….yeah, people say that you should reinstall….but some people like me have hundreds of applications that we use that would take days of solid work to reinstall! What a pain! And it’s not like upgrading isn’t possible…Look at LapLink. They have an application that will copy over and reinstall all your applications when you switch from XP to 7…Plus, if you could upgrade from XP to Vista, and you can upgrade from Vista to 7, then why can’t you upgrade from XP to 7? Logic dictates that if A=B and B=C, then A must equal C!
    I suspect that if Microsoft had an application that they included with 7 for upgrading from XP, they would get a thousand fold increase in adopters!

    • You’re right. I think they should have made the upgrade path directly from
      XP, but then they would have to do that every single product I guess.