Obsessed With Facebook? You Are Not the Only One

With a user base that exceeds that of the United States population by a million users, Facebook is a place with individuals from all walks of life, from politicians to the baby boomer next door, it seems that everyone is on the social network. The rise of Facebook will be chronicled in a one-hour special by NBC News Correspondent Lester Holt on CNBC airing at 9PM ET on Thursday, January 6.

The documentary will cover Facebook’s story as told by founders, friends, users, and foes. As Facebook’s influence on society continues to grow so will documentaries like these. I’m looking forward to it, are you?

Here’s a list to some preview clips of the documentary:

Via CNBC Facebook Obsession website.

  • Oh yeah, at some point I was obsesses on checking my Facebook account. I was mesmerized on how it is so easy to communicate and get to know how your friends are. But it came to a point that I suddenly realized, it is a waste of time going over my Facebook account on a daily basis. I still have a Facebook account but do check on my friends on Sundays.

  • Anonymous

    That is true. Facebook’s growing every day, as it started growing on the day one. Mark’s luck play a great role in this with all this talent I guess…
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  • Anonymous

    I am trying to avoid using face book application,,,this is what my new year resolution is,,..after listening to melody on fm..i have decided to use mail instead of face book,..because this is like a drug addict which never ends..
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