Are Android Phones the Future of Computing?

by Jul 02, 2012

With announcements about Microsoft’s new Windows 7 operating system promising a higher level of integration between mobile and traditional computing devices, many users are scratching their heads. Sure, mobile phones are great and have their value in literally thousands of computing applications — but do we really want desktop computers to become more like mobile…Continue Reading

8 Google Tricks for Faster and Better Searches

Apr 30, 2012 12 Comments

Google Search may just provide search results for your queries, but it is also a very powerful tool that can help you get answers to questions in an instant. It has the ability to provide you with information on just about anything. The problem is getting the right information. How many times have you searched…Continue Reading

How to Hide Morning and Night Hours in Google Calendar

Nov 29, 2011 143 Comments

One of the settings I always enjoyed in Outlook is the ability to customize work hours so that my available time (work time) would appear on the calendar as a reminder not to schedule anything past a certain time. Google has taken this concept event further and now allows users to hide those morning and…Continue Reading

Tips to Use Google Tools to Refine Your Search

Sep 14, 2011 3 Comments

So you are looking for something. It might be a photo. It might be a video. It might be information, a new t-shirt, or a source for your English essay. You, of course, go to Google first. You type in your search, let’s say ‘Dogs in Tuxes’, and hit enter. Boom- you’ve got three million…Continue Reading

How to Update the Google Chrome Browser

Sep 06, 2011 1 Comment

Although Google’s browser does a great job of updating itself whenever updates are available, there may come a time when you haven’t restarted the browser for a while and an updates become available. Unless you know what to look for you may be running an outdated version of Chrome that could expose your computer to…Continue Reading

Google Brings Gaming to Google+ Social Network

Aug 16, 2011 3 Comments

If you thought that Facebook was the only social website where you can get a good dose of gaming, you’ll love to know that now Google with its Google+ Project is yet another place where you can get your game on. In order to play all you need is a Google+ account and some time…Continue Reading

Google Makes Spreadsheets Easier to Use

Aug 15, 2011 No Comments

In a recently published blog post, Google announced the introduction of Help Snippets directly into Google Spreadsheets. The Help Snippets are similar to those found in Excel where you are provided with a snippet of information regarding a formula as you enter it into a cell. This is a great step forward for users who…Continue Reading

How to Change the Default Download Location in Chrome

Aug 15, 2011 3 Comments

Do you download files to your computer and wonder where the heck they are saved? Don’t worry, you’re not the first. In Chrome the default download location in Windows and Mac OS is the Downloads folder under the User’s profile. However if you prefer to use another location like an external hard drive or another…Continue Reading

How to Enable the Preview Pane in Gmail

Aug 12, 2011 1 Comment

If you live inside a Gmail window for a greater part of the day you will find some relief when you find out about Gmail’s new Labs feature. Preview pane is a new feature that when enabled allows you to view Gmail in a split-screen view that is common with most email clients that run…Continue Reading

Check-in’s & Ratings Simplified in Maps 5.5

Jun 06, 2011 No Comments

With Google Maps being used by over 200 million mobile devices it isn’t any wonder why Google needs to keep updating. Google Maps for Android is getting some new looks with the new 5.5 update which include some new buttons, editing options, and viewing options. Now on Google Maps you’ll be able to check-in to…Continue Reading

Citrix Receiver Will Make it Possible to Run Virtualized Apps on Chromebooks

Jun 03, 2011 No Comments

Just a short few weeks after the announcement of Google’s Chromebooks, which allow both businesses and schools to use this web-based computer for a small monthly service fee, we’re seeing more business related releases for the Chromebook. Google has teamed up with Citrix to create the Citrix Receiver for Chromebooks. The Citrix Receiver allows you…Continue Reading

Google Brings the Wallet to Your Phone

May 31, 2011 No Comments

With many things going mobile and digital, your Wallet hasn’t really been the one to convert over for quite some time. Sure there are payment methods online, but nothing actually replacing your wallet. Now, Google is trying to change this with their coming soon app, called Google Wallet. With Google Wallet, as a mobile app,…Continue Reading

YouTube and Make Magazine Partner for a Making World

May 31, 2011 No Comments

Do It Yourself (DIY) projects haven’t always been easy to do. Most of the time they’ve been done by trial and error, but now with the Internet it’s becoming easier to learn how to do projects on your own, Videos on YouTube account for a large amount of DIY projects, which has made it easier…Continue Reading