Video: How to Add a Wireless Keyboard to the iPad

I’m a huge fan of the iPad’s on-screen keyboard, however when typing for an extended period of time or when working on long articles typing on a virtual keyboard can really wear you down. Fortunately Apple has made it very easy to add a wireless keyboard to the iPad. In the video how-to below I will show you how to add an Apple Wireless Keyboard (Bluetooth) to the iPad.

Hardware/Software used: iPad running iOS 3.2 and an Apple Wireless Keyboard.alt

Note: Before proceeding make sure that the Wireless Keyboard is not paired with another computer or device.

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  • Bryan Defoe

    It is superb as I am a big fan too and I got the right way to handle with ease and comfort.

  • mike

    So when do you think that the iPad will be [URL=””]3D[/URL] ready and what type of new style of keyboard will that require

  • Gotty41

    Hi Gil

    I have added Air video to my Ipad but if I use the IP address on my Ipad the conection failed,I got it to work using IP on PC but not the one my IPad.Do you have any idea why.Thanks

    • When adding servers on the iPad you have to use the PC’s IP address not the iPad’s. Hope this makes sense.