How to Add Google Calendar to Your iPad

Google Calendar looks great in Safari for the iPad, but wouldn’t it be nice to access and use your Google Calendars in the iPad’s native Calendar application (which by the way, is gorgeous)? Good, I thought you would. The how-to guide below will show you how to add your Google Calendar account to the iPad so that you can always keep your calendars synchronized between your device and Google’s servers.

NOTE: If you have more than one Google Calendar then you may want to check out the Sync Google Account with Your iPad guide instead and follow the instructions at the end of the guide. The guide below is intended for users that have only one calendar in Google.

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Add Google Calendar to the iPad

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1. Tap on Settings.

Add Google Calendar to the iPad

2. Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Tap on Add Account…

Add Google Calendar to the iPad

4. Tap on Other

Add Google Calendar to the iPad

5. Tap on Add CalDAV Account.

Add Google Calendar to the iPad

6. Enter your Google Account credentials – make sure that server and email are filled as follows:

Server –

User Name –

7. Tap Next

Your settings should be saved. Exit the Settings screen and tap on Calendar.

Add Google Calendar to the iPad

When Calendar opens your events should appear.

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  • Elly

    I have added the gmail account to the iPad and it was working fine for a bit. Nowit is not updating and has removed everything from my calendar. How do I fix this, it appears that I am still getting mail just not the calendar. Thanks!

    • Did you check your account in the Settings section to make sure that syncing is enabled for the calendar? Thats were I’d start looking.


      Gilberto J Perera

  • Nia

    Very easy(no BS)

    • Thanks, I hope you find the other guides as useful.


      Gilberto J Perera

  • Bdhelmer

    AWESOME … thanks a TON …

  • Daintrc

    The step re the CALDAV was the bit I was missing to get the automatic synching to run. I had it under the email account settuing which did some of the synching but didn’t when I expected it to. This did it when the calendar starts.