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How to Send Pictures Via Email Using the iPad


So you’ve got a ton of photos transferred to your iPad and you are itching to share them with family and friends via email, but you’re wondering how?

It’s not like there is an Attach button when composing emails…you can however copy and paste your images into the body of a message, but that’s a little clumsy.

How about following the instructions below for an easier method to share single or multiple photos via email.

Send a Single Photo on the iPad

To send a single photo, follow the instructions below.

Emails Pictures with Your iPad

1. Tap on Photos.

Emails Pictures with Your iPad

2. Tap on the picture you wish to email (this will open the image).

Emails Pictures with Your iPad

3. Tap on the Options button located on the upper right corner of the screen.

4. Tap on Email Photo from the menu.

Emails Pictures with Your iPad

A new email message should appear with your picture included in the body of the message. Enter email address and Send.

Send More than One Photo Using the iPad

To send multiple photos at once, repeat Step 1 above.

Emails Pictures with Your iPad

1. Without tapping on an image, tap on the Options button located on the upper right corner of the screen.

Emails Pictures with Your iPad

2. Tap on the images you wish to send. You will notice that as you tap on the images a small check mark will appear indicating that the image has been selected. To deselect an image simply tap on it again.

3. Tap on the Email (#) button located on the upper left corner.

Emails Pictures with Your iPad

All of your images are ready to send.

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Originally posted Apr 06, 2010

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  • Mkpmcgowan

    The email comes up, but the picture is only a .jpg not the full picture. Is this why it’s not emailing?

    • Can you be more specific? The image is a JPG? Do you mean an icon
      (attachment to the message) named .JPG? Let me know.


      *Gilberto J Perera*, Microsoft MVP
      Editor-in-Chief, | Tech How-to
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  • Mkpmcgowan

    I’ve followed the steps for emailing photos, but the emails are not sending. Help? I can’t find the email anywhere.

  • Ronniemoyers

    Cannot send photos. Showing in outbox. Help

    • Can you send other emails without images successfully? How big are the image
      files? You can find out by locating the original file on your computer.